In an effort to innovate resources offered to those it serves through intelligence it’s gathered during it’s more that 20 years over service The Valley Economic Alliance has commissioned the development of an interactive map of the San fernando Valley. Pictured below is the current map hosted on

While this version of the updated map is only a foundation of what’s to come we did want to hold it back from the public any longer as we’d love your insight into how we could make it more useful for you that it’s to serve. If you can offer any insight on how we can make this #ACoolMap you’d use yourself or suggest to others so that they may get a better understanding of our region and all it has to offer please let us know and as new version of the map are ready we’ll share them with you.

@ACoolNerd is so humbled to have been selected for this ongoing project. The Valley Economic Alliance has been extremely instrumental in assisting @ACoolNerd to become a recognized provider of civic, community, and corporate intelligence as well as digital strategy since we came to them seeking business advice to structure & scale our company with it’s vast capabilities. When they started working with us we we’re more of a one-stop-shop consultancy that took on all kinds of projects regarding all things digital specifically servicing entertainers and start-up. Since better defining our structure and scaling our team in expertise that are of more appeal to a more targeted consumer we’ve been able to secure a number of contract with cities, municipalities, and the like. We look forward to developing our relationship with The Alliance and our new clients as the years go on and we’re so thankful to be able to give back where we can.