A.S.K. is Your Business #AccessFriendly

A.S.K. Is Your Business #AccessFriendly

Can someone with disabilities come into your business and enjoy the services you provide? Do you have the proper accommodations for the following people:

Hearing impaired or have a speech impediment,
Trouble seeing or are blind,
Use a wheelchair or an electronic wheelchair,
Rely on a cane or a walker, and
Intellectual disabilities
If you do not know or are unsure,

About How You Can Schedule A

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“Access Support Kit”

The Valley Economic Alliance is available to help make businesses in the Valley more access friendly and Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) compliant. You have the legal responsibility to be ADA compliant, so why not become proactive and avoid the $4,000+ fines that will come your way if you get sued? Our Access Support Kit includes construction tax credits and information on how to be access compliant.

For more information or for any questions, please contact

The Valley Economic Alliance

(818) 379-7000